Mar 18, 2008

Babies and Bacardi

Today at work we were asked to bring in baby photos for a group meeting. I browsed through my photo album last night trying to find one of me in front of a computer, but to no avail. Instead I found one that I thought may be appropriate. It's one of me crawling towards a bottle of Bacardi Rum. My father, who fancies himself a card, believed setting a bottle of alcohol in front of me was a Kodak moment. And my folks wonder why I took such a liking to booze.

Once I get it scanned I'll post it. I was a cute baby after all.

"Making a television show is not like making Coca-Cola or Bacardi rum. The human element in our business prevents us from finding a successful formula every time." - Desi Arnaz


whatigotsofar said...

What would be really neat was if the photo was of you, in daipers, drinking from a baby bottle rubber nipple placed atop a bottle of liquor.
But your parents would have to be pretty messed up to a) do that and b) photograph that.

Miss Ash said...

Nice! Why did they want you to bring baby pictures in?

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - I'm not sure why. We'll find out soon.

WIGSF - That would be really fucked up.

Big Ben said...

I figured you suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome.

SareBeth said...

My father has on one of me drinking out of a beer bottle, for some reason new parents think this sort of thing is funny.