Mar 31, 2008

Shopping with Wiwille

In keeping with my New Years resolution I went shopping yesterday for some clothes. After some online clothes browsing with Rawbean I decided that Target would be where it's at.

I enter the store and grab a basket thinking I'm only going to buy two items. The men's section was littered with sales and I was happy with the selection, but had a difficult time picking out the right shirt. I sent a pic text to Rawbean, but sadly it didn't send and I didn't notice it till later. I load the basket with four shirts and a couple pairs of jeans and approach the fitting room gal.

Wow she's way cute.

Employee: How many items?

Me: Six.

She hands me a card with the number six on them. She pauses and gives me a look of confusion.

Employee: Are you here by yourself?

Me: I am.

Employee: Wow. A guy who shops for himself. That's rare.

Me: Well it's part of my New Years resolution to change my wardrobe out.

Employee: How's that going?

Me: So far so good.

Employee: Can I help you out with that?

Me: How so?

Employee: I can help pick out an outfit.

Me: That would be great actually.

I change into the various shirts and model them for her. She actually picked out my first choice which was cool. I guess I'm getting good at this whole consumer fashion thing. It was nice of her to take time out to help a man shopping alone. Too bad she doesn't make commission. Next time I should bring somebody to help out as not all low paid retail clerks are that helpful.

One thing I don't understand is why pink seems to be coming back in style. I remember during a brief period of the early nineties where that color was in, but thankfully that fad left us as quickly as Max Headroom. As God as my witness pink shall not be worn by me.

Oh and I bought some black Con One Stars. I feel like I'm back in high school again.

I feel girly posting about my shopping experience.

"Fashion is a tool... to compete in life outside the home. People like you better, without knowing why, because people always react well to a person they like the looks of." - Mary Quant


Anonymous said...

Dude, she was trying to change you. Run away. RUN!

JLee said...

That girl wanted you. Definitely. Hey, is that Jennifer Connelly in that picture?

Miss Ash said...

I'm digging the shirt....granted any button down on a guy is a great start. It shows you've put some effort into your wardrobe rather than slinging on last nights T-shirt.

SareBeth said...

Good job shopping alone. I like the new converse all stars, your rockin' too!

Anonymous said...

I of course dig the cons! The button ups look nice on you as well and you know you can always call me to help u shop. BTW Thank you for refusing pink. Even I won't wear pink ;)

~ Andrea

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - Eh she picked out what I wanted anyways. She was cool. She was just trying to help someone.

Jlee - I don't think so. I think she was bored, but still the image is nice cause she was way cute. And yes that's Jennifer in all her glory in a Target (get it? I'm so full of humour today).

Miss Ash - Thanks I like it. Although I think I wore the same style when I was 9.

Sarebeth, Andrea - Thanks to you both. I'll take ask you girls along next time. Especially you Andrea, consider it payment for all the moves.

rawbean said...

How did I miss this post?! I can't believe you gave the sales girl all the credit!

Wiwille said...

Rawbean - I didn't give her all the credit. She just helped me out at the end.

Grace said...

I definitely like the shirt. And congrats on doing the shopping trip solo. Even I rarely do that, and I'm quite the shopaholic... luckily, most of my friends are too :)

Foster Communications said...

There is a very skinny boy on the playground. He's so small I practically could put him in my pocket. I still remember one day last fall, he was wearing a pink T-Shirt that said "Real Men Wear Pink."
Loved it. :)