Mar 5, 2008

Wiwille is disturbed

Since the glorious creation of tubes that serve the online world my eyes have come across many things. Yes from typical news browsing to the viewing of the ladies who don't wear clothes the Internet has been a great source of information for laughing at people and viewing of poorly written blogs such as this one.

Today I've seen the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. No I'm not talking about those two girls and their glass. As alluded to before I've watched many things such as beheadings, a person's head getting stuck in an elephant's behind, and harsh war footage. All of that pales in comparison to what I saw earlier today.

I saw a clip of a solider holding a little puppy. It looked like the soldier was overseas, probably Iraq or Afghanistan (I'm not familiar with the landscapes of either as I've never been there). The soldier was holding him and smiling into the camera when for some reason he decided it would be a great idea to throw the puppy off the cliff. The little pooch yelped as he fell towards his demise.

Some say I shouldn't judge the soldier too harshly as they live in a world I can never imagine, but I say to hell with that. I've never in my life been so disgusted with such a cruel, foul act. I've bared witness to many, many disturbing images from my time as a photo lab tech till now, but I've never been more angry at...well that's a lie actually. I have seen something far more sick then what I just witnessed when I worked in a photo lab, something I promise I'll never blog about.

To the soldier I thank you for your service, but here's hoping you get sodomized by diseased Yaks.

No I won't post the video ever.

Isn't it strange that I'm more disturbed by the death of a dog than by peoples' limbs being chopped off? No?

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." - Bern Williams


Anonymous said...

I personally do not like dogs, But my God, that awful. I think I cried a little.
- SW

Mattbear said...

>Isn't it strange that I'm more disturbed by the death of a dog than by peoples' limbs being chopped off? No?

It's a pretty common reaction among people, actually.

Really I feel sorry for someone who has been so immersed in the violence over there that they killed an innocent dog for fun.

Or maybe the soldier was a jackass to begin with and would've done that anyway. We'll never know.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the video was a fake and was staged by some hippy organization hell-bent on forcing their fascist views of human slavery disguised as freedom and liberty upon the masses.
If it is real, its horrible. If it's a fake, it's funny. Just like that scene in UHF that made EVERYBODY laugh. Today, we're teaching poodles how to fly.

Grace said...

What an asshole! I truly hope that the video is a fake. I'll never attempt to watch it... it will just make me cry. So thanks for not posting it.

Wiwille said...

SW - Sorry to make you cry.

Mattbear - I don't know the character of this soldier obviously, but I don't think I want to know. I can't say I would act any differently if I were a soldier, but I'd like to believe I would.

WIGSF - The video doesn't seem staged at all.

Grace - As God as my witness I'll never share that video with anyone.

Miss Ash said...

Serving the country or not, that soldier is clearly an asshole. But we already knew that what with going over to another country to kill innocent people (and their animals) and all.

I won't write what I think should happen to him as it may put people out of joint...but you can figure it out i'm sure.