Mar 14, 2008

My heart

I wonder sometimes when it's going to be my time. Will I ever find the one? Will my heart be good enough for somebody?

I watched in horror last night as who I thought was the one walked away from me, again. The crushing pain in my stomach, the sudden angst of all the emotions surrounding my heart, and the agony of knowing that this time I was a fool.

Maybe the idea that I can make someone happy is a delusion. Maybe I just don't have what it takes to bring a good life to someone. Whatever the reason I can't give up hope. One day I might meet that person who will cherish what I have to offer. Today though I sit and look out at the rain while applying bandages to a part of my soul that is now broken.

But for last night I wished a good life for the girl I wanted to give everything. A girl I used to call the Pretty Girl. I hope her existence on the this planet is extraordinary.

"If you have love in your life, you have life." - Bernhard Goetz


Anonymous said...

Sucks royally dude. Now go out and get shitfaced.

SareBeth said...

Your going to make a woman very happy one day Erik, and she's going to be the lucky one. I just know it! :)

Mattbear said...

ah man, that is horrible. I am sorry that happened to you. If you need a drink and somebody to bitch to, you know how to find me.

PaBLo G said...

Somebody once told me to write how I felt when heartbroken, that this would serve as therapy.
I've been doing it for almost a year now and I'm happy to report it doesn't work.
Just remember that you can take a nail out, with another

Claire said...

This post is heartbreaking. I hope you know what a cool guy you are, no matter what.

Now go do what WIGSF recommended.


mungsprout said...

Aww sweetie. I think these woman dont realize what they are walking away from.