Mar 9, 2008

Wiwille feels like ass

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. Corey came over on Friday and stated he was sick, but not contagious. This was sadly not the case as he was coughing up a lung and later in the evening I started to as well.

Saturday was Andrea's yearly move to which I went over and helped, again. Her brother thought it was hilarious as the only time he sees me is once a year when I help haul furniture. The move was pretty easy though and went quickly.

I got home that afternoon and laid down. I started coughing again and my sinuses were killing me. I fell asleep rather quickly, but awoke early this morning feeling like hell. I'm at work right now eating chicken noodle soup and lots of orange juice. Oh and I forgot to spring forward. Today is not a good day.

"The President has once again failed us. Millions of Americans are at risk of going without the flu vaccine this year because the administration failed to act proactively to ensure an adequate supply. There is simply no excuse for this." - Jon Corzine


Anonymous said...

Friends who move annually aren't friends; they're transients and users. Didn't you see the afterschool special about helping somebody move more than once? The lesson learned was you don't help people move more than once a generation.

Grace said...

Aww, poor you. I hate it wheen that little voice in my head tells me I should stay away from a sick person but I ignore it and I end up getting sick. Worst feeling ever. I hope you feel better really soon.

Miss Ash said...

You're quite the friend to help the same person move every year!!

As for the sick thing, never trust anyone who says "i'm not contagious" .... I stop breathing when someone in the street sneezes..until I pass the germs.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to bitch at in your blog, today anyway.
Get well soon Erik! :)
- SW

Scott said...

Hope that you are feeling better. Sickness sucks. I am a firm believer in not helping people move, I am morally opposed to it.