Mar 11, 2008

The Music Post

I normally don't write about music as my passion is more towards film, but I do love me some tunes and today I'll bring you a trip down memory lane set to song.

It was the late eighties and I was spending the night at a friends house. We were in his room when he handed me a stack of Playboy and Easyrider magazines. He put in a tape of AC/DC's Back in Black album and we indulged in bluesy rock and tried to make sense of the periodical's jokes as the night strolled on.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had my first date in front of the TV watching a movie on VHS. This was big time. It was then I learned how effective viewing a horror film with a girl can be. For yes this girl sure enough got spooked and as all guys can relate to she clamped both hands on my biceps and dug her nails into them. I kind of liked the idea of her being so willing to touch me, but I could've done without the pain.

Oh and the movie was 'The Lost Boys'. One song from the soundtrack always makes me think of that early date and how much I learned from it.

Lets put the wheels in reverse and go to a time when Ghostbusters ruled the box office, Zips were the cool shoes, and the local skating rink was where it was at. My time at Skate World usually consisted of me falling on my ass a lot, but there were those few tender moments during couples skate. Yes we boys had to brave up and ask a girl to hold hands with us through a slow song and thankfully the girls took pity on us and said yes. My first couples skate was to Cindy Lauper.

That was fun. I'll do this again sometime.

"Humour is a great vehicle for getting a message across. If you get too serious, you could die of starch." - Cyndi Lauper


Big Ben said...

I guess zips never made it to Canada of I was just not cool enought to have them!

Did you try to kiss that girls on the first date?

Miss Ash said...

Funny how songs can take you back to specific events!

I love that song Cry Little Sister and of course that movie!!

Claire said...

Yay Lauper! Great quote!


whatigotsofar said...

I think everybody's first date (of our generation) was in front of a TV with a VHS.

Mattbear said...

I never had a first date. Never been on a date in my life. I played too much D&D.

There are a lot of powerful memories for me tied up in Enigma's first album. For reasons I really shouldn't go into in a public forum. But every time I hear their song "Mea Culpa" it makes me all misty and nostalgic.

Wiwille said...

BB - You know I never did kiss her. Normally don't kiss on a first date actually.

Miss Ash - Music, what can't it do? Well I guess it can't cook me pancakes. I like pancakes.

Claire - Were you the one I skated with?

WIGSF - Seems to be a theme amongst our generation. Actually that was my first date in front of a TV, not my first date period.

Mattbear - You missed out. Dating did provide me with some entertaining memories. And I can only imagine the memories associated with Enigma.