Mar 30, 2008

Wrong number

I was driving up to Bellingham in miserably slow traffic on Friday watching the snow hit the windshield and listening to the radio. I was incredibly bored and frustrated with the other drivers lack of calm caused by a few snow flakes in the air. The radio show had a call in segment that I thought was interesting so I thought what the hell I'll call in.

I dialed the toll free number and rehearsed in my head what I would say to the DJs. The phone rings and then a guy's voice picked up.

"Want to feel my tight hole with your big throbbing...go ahead and put it in....if you want more, please have your credit card ready...."

Ye Gods I just dialed a gay porn line. I was mortified and couldn't do anything. The recording stopped after announcing they'd connect me to someone. I almost tossed my phone out the car window, but I calmly closed the phone, checked the number and realized that I dialed 800 instead of 877.

I called back with the right number and got a busy signal. My time on the radio was not to be.

It's been three showers since that incident. I still need another one.

"Look, I'm 40, I'm single, and I work in musical theater - you do the math!" - Nathan Lane


Big Ben said...

It was not a mistake, it was a sign.

rawbean said...

I like how you won't say what the radio program you were listening to was talking about. I bet it was the pros and cons of shaving your chest hair.

I'm sure you're not the first person to dial wrong. The radio station should really get a new number.

Okay I'll get back to cleaning now...lay off!

Mizzle said...

Well I guess you really were trying to call the 'Mens Room'...? It'll be an interesting charge on your phone bill.

SareBeth said...

"I would like to request a song big boy" pah pah pah!

Anonymous said...

I have no comment. I just want you to know that this was funny and I am laughing out loud as I read this post again and again.

Claire said...

Oh man. That is GOLD. Thanks for the laugh, sweetie!


PS The comment you left me on my last post? Was DEEP!

Grace said...

Hehehe... it was quite the shocker, I'm sure.

Wiwille said...

Big Ben - Oh you're such a funny fella.

Rawbean - The segment was about "things you hate people assume about you". I wanted to call in and talk about what people assume about me in my current and previous jobs.

Mizzle - Yep it was 'The Men's Room', which sounds gay enough. It will be interesting to see that on the bill.

Sarebeth - Yes, pah pah pah.

WIGSF - Laugh on my friend.

Claire - I'm picking up your sarcasm.

Grace - Yes I almost had a stroke.

Miss Ash said...

You should have just rolled with it and enjoyed the conversation haha!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Big Ben.. Suuuuuure you dialed wrong ;) Nah, I am certain wiwille doesn't harbor same sex tendencies, he is waaaaayyy too into my rack.