Mar 13, 2008


Privacy, it's what Americans cherish most. It's the reason we have search warrants, Roe v Wade, and various other ordinances designed to protect one's right to freely dance about it in a Rainbow Brite costume to the funky beats of Abba in the comforts of our own dwellings.

Not that anyone should do that, but most expect privacy in areas outside of their domain. Note one guy at work, who feels it's necessary to attach a long yard of toilet paper to the door hinge inside the bathroom stall to ensure no one peeks in. Yes he's afraid of people looking at him squat on the porcelain chair.

The child in me wants to reach over the stall and grab the makeshift curtain, rip it out, and point my finger and scream "YOU'RE GOING POOP. YOU'RE GOING POOP."

I guess that wouldn't be polite, but dude you're in a public bathroom. Do you really think people are trying to look in at you? I mean they do when I'm in there, but only to check out what an Adonis I am. Everyone wants to take a look at perfection. Oh and I poop gold. True story.

"I urge calm and sensitivity to the fundamental civil liberties of our country." - Larry Craig


Anonymous said...

Maybe this guy isn't going poop. Maybe he's doing something else and doesn't want people to know. Or maybe he's a he-she. You know, one of those people with both an innie and an outie.

Mattbear said...

Sadly, it's not just one guy. I see that in the 3rd floor bathrooms with some frequency.

I mean come on - I have some serious privacy issues, especially when it comes to the bathroom, but even I don't get that ridiculous.

Alec said...

There's a guy in my building who does that too, but he also runs a line of TP up the side so that the stall next to him can't peek in either. God help him if an NBA player ever walks in. He'll have to make some sort of make-shift tent to hide in.

Kyle said...

I've seen this before. I'm glad I never figured out who was doing this. I would have trouble treating someone normally if I knew that they were this crazy.

Miss Ash said...

I've never ever seen such a thing in the women's washroom. You men are weird!!

You should wait and see who does it, and then ask them why?

SareBeth said...

That's just hilarious.. I would definitely pull the TP away. I love a good prank. But then again, I will not step my foot in public washrooms.

elizab said...

That is bizarre. In the women's rooms, they've just installed aluminum strips blocking the view through each stall's gaps - did they do that in the men's rooms too?