Mar 4, 2008

Blogger Smurfs

Quite a while back I wrote a post where I created GI Joe characters for the people listed in my blogroll. I detailed characteristics I attribute to them based on what they chose to share with the blogsphere, but it was fun to write. I may have been completely off base considering most of my readers have never met me face to face. Most that do know me believe that my blog is not an accurate representation of myself (I tend to agree) and the same may be said for those I haven't encountered, but I'm still arrogant enough to believe I'm on the mark.

Given the recent release of one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood on DVD I decided to do a similar post involving the Smurfs. Much thought went into this as hours were spent haggling over the details listed so you better be appreciative of the hard work the staff at Erik's Ramblings put in to bring you quality blogging.

Okay I have nothing to write about and am not above repeating material. Sue me.

The Muzzy Blog (Alec's Blog) - Nerdy Smurf: On a steady diet of video games, financial wizardry, and tech knowledge Nerdy Smurf spends most of his day preaching the gospel of proper computer usage.
Blog.As.You.Are (Pablo's Blog) - Mexi Smurf: As this Smurf ages he believes it's good to write everything in verse. Constantly referencing his youth in Latin America is his forte, but most of his rhythms fly over the head of his forced audience.
The Inexcusable (Matt's Blog) - Badass Smurf: The only Smurf who refuses to wear a ridiculous hat despite the lack of hair, but finds nothing silly about wearing a white kilt. Badass Smurf is the muscle in the fight against Gargamel, who he compares to Hitler and ever worse Bush.
Caliban's Journal (Jeff's Live Journal) - Geeky Smurf: Having a sound mind that commands a litany of useless information Geeky Smurf spends his time being a consultant to various Smurfs that are behind the scenes in comic book and sci-fi film production. Often times when writers stray from previous story canon Geeky Smurf becomes violent.
Foster Communications - Nanny Smurf: As childcare can become an issue in the Smurf Village Nanny Smurf ensures the kids play safe around each other and don't stab each other in prison yard fashion.
Pog - Bestest Smurf: Bestest Smurf is the only Smurf who had the honor of naming himself, yet he chose this one. He is constantly brawling with Vanity Smurf over who's the best looking and for the eye of Smurfette.
Grace - Study Smurf: A professional student Study Smurf spends most of her time finding ways to not hit the books, but come crunch time no one hears from her.
Claire - Travel Smurf: Traversing the landscapes outside the Smurf village Travel Smurf spends her time absorbing the culture of other Smurfs as well as dropping infrequent notes wishing her hometown friends well wishes.
Miss Ash - Chesty Smurf: Often complaining about the lack of eye contact from the male Smurfs, Chesty Smurf can be found watching bad television and playing sports in revealing outfits.
Big Ben - Horny Smurf: As a rule Horny Smurf is a decent Smurf, but was once disciplined by Badass Smurf for wearing his hat on questionable parts of his anatomy.
WIGSF - Angry Smurf: Angry Smurf is constantly seen at the Smurf town square denouncing the socialist economy currently employed by the village and calling for an end to the totalitarian rule of Papa Smurf.
Scott - Indie-rock Smurf: A mostly good natured Smurf who's really into modern music Indie-rock Smurf currently awaits trail for his assault on Harmony Smurf, who played Nickleback on his trumpet.

I think that's enough for now.

"Nature Smurf, this time your love of animals has gone too far." - Papa Smurf


Scott said...

It was definately justifiable homicide. I mean, come on, Nickelback. *SHUDDERS*

Miss Ash said...

You're funny!!! Hmmm but we should think of your smurf name:

Wiwille aka Stalker Smurf, enjoys perusing the web for anything Scarlett related. You'll find him lurking around in a 15 year old T-shirt mumbling about others and their love for Paris Hilton..."What about politics damnit!!!"

Anonymous said...

you just said it all, Miss Ash!
- SW :)

Anonymous said...

Gargamel's capitalist notions are just what Smurf Village needs to get out of this current economic downturn.

And the war with the Gummy Bears is necessary to ensure our liberty and freedom from terrorism.

Mattbear said...

Get ready to have your ass kicked by a smurf in a skirt.

Grace said...

lol, awesome post! But I won't be Study Smurf for much longer... the title can last another 2 months, but then it'll have to be changed. Jeez, I'll have to redefine myself completely.

Wiwille said...

Scott - I'm sure the jury will side with you.

Miss Ash - Well done. Bravo to you. That was funny.

SW - You and Miss Ash are of like minds. You should date.

WIGSF - You should run for office.

Mattbear - Bring it.

Grace - So what will your name be then?