Mar 25, 2008

Birthdays and butt rock

Yes it's still my birthday. Corey and I went out for drinks and food. We talked politics, our recent heartaches, and then as always we discussed music. We first started with Bob Dylan. Granted I'm a bigger fan of Dylan than he is, but we discussed the differences between the folk and electric Bob with much passion. For whatever reason the conversation descended into butt rock and we talked about how Winger's "She's Only Seventeen" could not be released today without a huge amount of outcry.

I'm not sure why we got onto Winger, but we went further and discussed all the butt rock bands that come and play at the Emerald Queen Casino and how we should catch a show sometime. Corey said he wouldn't pay more then $25 and a can of soup for their food drive to see said bands, but I know he'll pay more to see Kix.

We leave the bar and get into his car. He asks me if see a CD on my side that says 'butt rock'. Sure enough he did. On the way home we listened to Winger, Skid Row, and Cinderella. Yes two thirty somethings rocking out to 80s rock in an Acura. Yes we may seem pathetic, but we had fun so screw you hippie. Yeah you only wish you were as cool as us. We made Andrea proud.

Yes I'm drunk. Why do you ask?

I got some Reeses Pieces and am eating them now. They're good.

After all the phone calls, emails, blog comments, and text messages from numbers I don't recognize I was overwhelmed today with the birthday wishes. Even got a store bought cake from my roommate and his girlfriend which ruled. My nephews got on the phone to wish me a happy birthday which was soooo cute. Yes as usual my folks called and sang Happy Birthday to me. They just can't let go.

It sounds simple, but really with all the friends and family I have wishing me a good day made this a great birthday after all.

"We were lumped into the Lite Metal radio bands." - Kip Winger


Miss Ash said...

Is what you refer to as "butt rock" what I refer to as a "hair band"?

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - Nothing gets by you does it? Hehe. But yes that is the case.

Grace said...

Hehe, the hair is priceless, and actually really hot on some of those guys.

Anonymous said...

Everybody has a butt and once in a while, it needs to rock. That's why we still have buttrock.

WIGSF's Top 5 buttrock songs:

5. Round and Round by Ratt
4. Don't go away mad (just go away) by Motley Crue
3. Lovin' every minute of it by Loverboy
2. Bringin' on the heartbreak by Def Leppard
1. What you give by Tesla

Mattbear said...

I despise the term "buttrock".

And I love Kix. Well, their early stuff. Before they went all "Don't Close Your Eyes" or whatever that pussy ballad was. Most people remember them for that crap but have never heard "Kix are for Kids" or "Yeah Yeah Yeah". What? Why yes, I do have an extensive catalog of 80s rock.

And, sadly, "Seventeen" would get released now with just as much airplay as 1987. If rappers can put out whole albums about selling crack and pimping and beating women and shooting people, I'm pretty sure Ballet Man could still get his statutory rape song produced.

Anonymous said...

I too despise the term “buttrock” When I was in High School at the height of it all, I was simply a “rocker chick” not a “butt-rocker chick”, so SCREW all of you and your butt-rock term. I do miss the days of dressing like a hooker without being propositioned. I do NOT however miss aqua net or blue eye shadow, 4 inch heels and miniskirts. I do wish I still had the legs for it though.
Kip Winger was and actually still is hot. Hairy chest, spandex and all. (Saw him do the national anthem at a bball game a few years back)

Erik, I must say I am so proud of you for not denying your 80's legacy. There is nothing more liberating then blasting some Def Leppard or Ratt with the windows down whilst air-drumming, singing and/or air-guitaring. Eventually, you ignore the laughing and pointing. Long live the 80s!!

Yes, you both made me very, very proud. I wish I had witnessed it. Many more happy rockin bdays to you my friend.


Wiwille said...

Grace - I could never pull that hair off. I think you were born in the wrong decade.

WIGSF - Thanks for providing the list. I should make my own up.

Mattbear - The term buttrock rules and you know it. I agree Seventeen could be released today, but the outcry would be large.

Andrea - I'm glad I made you proud. A complete birthday indeed.

JLee said...

Happy Belated! I have never heard the term "butt rock" but am embarrassed to say I used to have a Winger album and had a big crush on him. Do you remember he used to date Rachel Hunter? haha

Mattbear said...

>"I do NOT however miss aqua net or blue eye shadow, 4 inch heels and miniskirts."

I could do without the aquanet and blue eyeshadow (especially not-seen-in-nature-only-seen-in-Lynnwood-blue). But 4 inch heels and miniskirts I'm still a sucker for. You can take the boy out of the '80s, but you can't take the 80s out of the boy. Of course, I never had to wear 4 inch heels or miniskirts, so that might be why I still like them.

>"The term buttrock rules and you know it."

Have to disagree with you there, sport. When I hear it, it feels like a personal insult.

Anonymous said...

Mattbear ~ I will see if I can hook u up with some heels and miniskirt action at your next holiday party. I may even throw in some fishnets ;) Andrea

Big Ben said...

Don't forget about Twisted Sister.

Foster Communications said...

Butt Rock. Classic term there!

Happy belated birthday to you!
And Reeses Pieces are yummy.