Jul 1, 2009

Epic douchebaggery

Seattle has it's share of douches and unfortunately many appear in the public eye too often. Whether it be Tim Eyeman, Mr Ravenblade, or anyone trying to broadcast how Furries are sensible individuals the Puget Sound area can be the haven for people we'd rather live without.

A new douche has emerged and this one must be stopped.

His name is Benjamin Schroeter and you may have heard of him already. Recently the story of the environmental activist who has sued Seattle to halt the fireworks display at Gas Works Park was mentioned on the Colbert Report. According to the Seattle Times Schroeter, who is not a lawyer, decided it would be a great idea to file a suit with the city to ensure the facilities were environmentally safe to the community and wildlife.

Now many have blasted Schroeter for being a holier than thou asshat, but reviewing the case I think it's reasonable to ask the city to impose an environmental study regarding the event, but I don't understand why he decided to wait until late June to do this. He had 365 days since the last fireworks display to file and let the courts go through the process, but I can only imagine the attention whore thought he'd get more press by presenting his case right before the event.

It worked.

It's doubtful the fireworks will be put on hold because of this guy and thank God for that. To try and stop anything that involves alcohol and things that blow up is down right un-American.

Benjamin's own website is comedy gold. He has a list of published and unpublished writings on it, which mostly consist of letters to the editor. I mean what kind of douche thinks that broadcasting his ramblings to the masses makes any lick of difference? Oh wait....

"Jeez... get your blog mentioned in a major publication and suddenly a guy thinks his blog is as noteworthy as the Colbert Report." - Alec


wigsf said...

Die hippy scum!

Kelli said...

"To try and stop anything that involves alcohol and things that blow up is down right un-American."

You're my hero <3