Dec 28, 2009


So my lucky streak in Fantasy Football came to a close yesterday as my team tanked something fierce. It was like they all got together and conspired against me, or my opponent threatened their families. I could see him doing that actually. In his daily habit of drinking more than is reasonable or safe he phoned each of my players and told them that if they put on a stellar performance he was going to their parents' home and destroy furniture while singing 80s love ballads.

Still it was a good season as I did get to play in the Super Bowl. Monetary wise I'm well ahead of what I put into the pot. The Nashville Tax Burdens did better than expected and for that I'm proud. Now excuse me while I drown out my sorrows with T-Bird Light.

"...but Paul cannot win two superbowls....that is unacceptable," - Corey

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wigsf said...

Problem with fantasy leagues is that by this week in the season, most of the good players are either injured or resting up for the playoffs.