Dec 5, 2009


My great aunt is a breast cancer survivor. I remember being a child when she was diagnosed and the waves of terror that rippled through my family. After much worry, prayer, and numerous visits to the hospital she came out stronger, wiser, and I believe more grateful for her time on Earth. She's a wonderful woman and I'm thankful she's still with us.

Her daughter, my cousin Martie, works in hospital administration and recently her and her staff created a video where the employees danced to JaySean's 'Down'. Wearing pink gloves they created it to promote breast cancer awareness. The hospital posted the video on Youtube and it's become quite a hit with over three million views.

Now the video has gotten some media attention and my cousin was recently interviewed on CNN about it. Please take some time and watch this as I believe, as does Martie and all the creative forces behind this, that keeping the dialogue going about this terrible disease is important.

Yes I'm very proud of her.

"The vid is awesome...medicine will always be close to my heart and this is such a worthy and important cause. So maybe I could have been a doctor and a singer at the same time after all then!? Just Brilliant." -JaySean


JLee said...

Thanks for sharing this. I lost my mom to breast cancer, so it is an important cause to me :)

Kelli said...

I had lumps removed from my breast at 14 years old. I was very lucky they were benign but, I remember going into surgery and having to wait for the results. It's very scary stuff.

I passed this video on FB and was very happy when a lot of my friends passed it on as well. You should be very proud of your cousin!

Claire said...

This is so cool! I'm off to facebook it - well done to your cousin and all the others involved!


Miss Ash said...

They did such a great job on that video! Kudos to your cousin and the hospital staff for putting that out there!