Dec 21, 2009

Super Bowl!!!

In what some would call luck, but I claim it as skill, my fantasy football team, The Nashville Tax Burdens, are going to the Super Bowl! After beating The Ketchum Warriors, who started the sad Matt Hasselback, I'm on my way to the big show. The game to decide it all.

I'll be taking on the league commissioner and friend, Paul, owner of The Seattle Porn Surfing Slackers. He considers himself to be a god of all things football, but deep down he knows he's not the expert I am. It's hard to live up to such high standards.

That being said my chances of beating him this year are slim. This will be the third time we've met in the Super Bowl and currently we're 1-1. If he wins I'm sure I won't be allowed to forget it. Still it's an epic battle of the titans, between the drunk, and the more drunk (drunker?). So if you see a rambling post that makes no sense whatsoever on Monday night, you'll know I've been hitting the bottle.

"It's weird... people say they're not like apes. Now how do you explain football then?" - Mitch Hedberg


Claire said...

I am genuinely discombobulated.


Miss Ash said...

Men are so odd.....

Mattbear said...

I keep meaning to ask if you've watched the show "The League" on FX? It's a comedy about a group of guys in a fantasy football league. The bits I've seen of it looked pretty damn funny.