Dec 1, 2009


After consuming a few drinks where we were liberal with the alcohol portion the both of us thought it best that we take the bus. No, not a cab, but public transportation was in order. I was kind of excited as I've never ridden Seattle Metro in downtown, but I've always heard crazy stories from friends who use that as their commute option. Plus I was a little lit and up for an adventure.

We board the bus without incident and sit down. Conversation ensued, but she stopped mid-sentence as she stared at the old lady in front of us. The woman had headphones and a portable CD player, which are so rare nowadays. She was bouncing in her seat making giddy sounds and waving her arms in the air. The elderly lady was full on rocking and the sight of that made the two of us forget about whatever it was we were talking about.

Some guy dressed like he could argue for hours about which Metallica bassist is the best sat in front of her. He smirked as she was rocking to the tunes. He started to make conversation with her asking what she was listening to. The woman enthusiastically responded that it was her daughter who made the music. The guy and I threw up the horns. Yeah I couldn't resist.

I kind of envy that old lady. I wish music would excite me that much.

I should ride the bus more.

"Almost all my middle-aged and elderly acquaintances, including me, feel about 25, unless we haven't had our coffee, in which case we feel 107." - Martha Beck


wigsf said...

Did you take a date on the bus?

Miss Ash said...

Oh you'll find many a character on the bus. In fact I forgot how funny it really is, good idea Wiwille.

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Big Ben said...

The bus patrons are a bit different that subway people, but you see some interesting folks.

Some music gets me that excited, but not that excited in public.

Kelli said...

Cute picture of Mini Pearl.