Dec 17, 2009

Thursday Music

I have very few friends who are into jazz, which is unfortunate. Rarely to I get the opportunity to see it live when I know so few willing to attend. Most claim they don't get the genre, which I guess makes sense. I never got a lot of music styles and possibly never will.

Music, for a lot of us, is an acquired taste. The hits of your youth often define your tastes as an adult and I know mine has. I grew up in a home that played a lot of oldies, classical, musical theatre, folk, and old country. Modern music was never allowed, but it was something I pursued to the annoyance of my folks.

They hated jazz. Still do.

So as I've written before I'll never understand why I got into it. It's possible that after listening to a lot of big band the transition seems almost natural.

Regardless I think a lot of you are going to like this:

"You can play a shoestring if you're sincere." - John Coltrane


Kelli said...

Love it.

Claire said...

I need to learn more about jazz. Fact.


Miss Ash said...

You know I don't mind it at all though I've never seen it live per se. I lived below a bunch of Jazz Musician students who would always practice. I think it's sexy!