Dec 24, 2009

Thursday Music

I once thought I dreamed images of Star Wars that never truly existed. Whenever someone brought them up to me I would recall scenes of a storm trooper crashing through a wooden fence and a bunch of Wookies marching in a procession set against a sea of stars.

Years went by and I convinced myself that they only happened in my head. Then the internet was released upon us. In my quest to look up all things Lucas related I came upon a link that took me to a crappy Realplayer video of something I thought I never heard of, The Star Wars Holiday Special.

I actually sat and watched all two hours of what is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. Not only is it an abomination to Christmas specials, but to the entire film medium. I then saw the scenes that floated in my head all those years and suddenly recalled the evening my sister and I sat and watched the atrocity.

It was real. The whole god awful mess is real.

As much as I love the internet sometimes I think I'm better off.

So today I decide to share the music of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Yes that's a...hmm...confused Carrie Fisher singing the praises of the Wookie Holiday known as Life Day. Yeah...

"Right. That's one of those things that happened, and I just have to live with it." - George Lucas


wigsf said...

For many years, I have lived my life with the belief that the worst thing that happened "long ago in a galaxy far, far away" was Jar Jar. Having never seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, are you telling me there's something worse than Jar Jar. Meesa no thinks so.

Miss Ash said...

I think they're equally as awful Jar Jar and this!

Claire said...

Oh sweet baby Jesus. Hey, timely. Merry Christmas!