Dec 14, 2009


Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes you can trust them. The pic you see is of a Millennium Falcon bed.

When I first saw this I gleamed with geek joy. A bed made after the greatest star craft in sci-fi history? Awesome!!! Seriously it's got working lights on the front of it, which helped Han pilot the ship through an asteroid, but I digress...

And then it hit me like an angry father who found out his kid poured out the T-bird, that owning this may not be a good idea. Forget the logistics of it fitting in my bedroom for there are more dire issues at stake.

I sent the link to a friend and asked her if it was possible that I would know the embrace of a woman again if I owned said bed. She looked at it and said it was highly unlikely.


I sent it to another friend and asked her the same question. Her reply was different, stating that if I ever meet a woman who doesn't appreciate a Star Wars themed bed than I shouldn't want them anyways. She added that if a girl won't get excited about it, then how would I ever convince her to get in the Princess Leia gold bikini?

Valid points one and all.

This is why I need kids. I can buy cool stuff like this, relive my childhood, and not look like a complete dork.

"You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought." - Princess Leia

Hyperspace Dreams


Claire said...

That bed is awesome!


wigsf said...

Are you actually stating a claim that the Millenium Falcon is greater than the Enterprise? That's a pretty lofty claim.

Mattbear said...

I think even a woman willing to wear the Leia slave outfit (and mind you, I've been to a halloween party where there were about a dozen such women) would shy away from getting busy in that bed.

Anonymous said...

I am currently trying to convince my Star Wars loving husband that Han is a great name for our soon to be born son.

The bed would be hilarious, but it would have to go as soon as you move in with her.

Kelli said...

I would totally paint the walls midnight blue, add stars and maybe paint the death star on one large wall.. put this bed in the middle of the room and call it a day. That's frickin' awesome! And your friend is right... if a girl you are going to fornicate with doesn't appreciate this... she's not worth the "force". Just sayin'.

Miss Ash said...

Am I the only one that thinks this is a terrible idea???? Clearly if you ever want to know a womans touch again....don't buy it!

Mattbear said...

This is why I love you! You never fail to make me laugh out loud....

So true, that a girl who doesn't appreciate this - just isn't worth having!