Mar 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Last month a number of couples were having sex thanks to a holiday named after a Catholic saint and today many will drink themselves blind in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland. I'm sure they wouldn't be incredibly happy about how their namesake is remembered, but I for one am glad to have fornication and alcohol as part of our collective holiday celebrations. Not that I need an excuse to do either....

About four years ago I posted about a news story in Mobile, Alabama where a large community believed they saw a leprechaun in a tree. A couple years later it finally went viral and major news networks were attacking the producers for airing the segment in the first place as it didn't exactly paint the black community in Mobile in a positive light.

It's worth repeating:

The staff at One Bad Apple wish you a safe and happy St Patrick's Day!

"It could be a crackhead dat got hold to the wrong stuff!" - Local skeptic.


Miss Ash said...

Is that some type of joke???

JLee said...

This never fails to crack me up, especially the drawing. My coworker has the "crackhead" sound bite as his ring tone. haha