Mar 2, 2010

More weird dreams from Wiwille

So after a good night of drinking Australian black beer and eating a doner I rest my head to sleep. Oddly enough I had one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had in my entire life.

I was a Rider of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was a sergeant at arms and my job was to lead a squadron on a special mission. We rode along with thousands of other horsemen ready to attack a village that was gearing for war with us.

Apparently the people of Rohan were being attacked by a neighboring nation who's state sanctioned religion was telling them that their God was ordering genocide. The soldiers went out on horseback to quell this.

We came upon a village that seemed prepared for us. As we stood on horseback a top a hill overlooking the town we all drew our swords and yelled "ONE, TWO, WE DECLARE WAR ON YOU" for whatever reason. We charged the gates and I hacked every body I could see.

My job was to destroy the church in the center of the town. I ordered my men to follow me into the building, horse and all, and we were met with short looking men in robes with devilish grins. They were brandishing spears and started to attack, but we quickly dispatched them. I knocked over a row of candles which set fire to the place. I told the men to get out of the building and burn it to the ground.

As we watched the flames engulf the church the general approached me and congratulated me on destroying their faith. I told him I was hesitant on feeling that we accomplished anything of real value, but he got angry and spoke about how important it was to eliminate the 'religion of death'. We then started riding to our next destination across these large plains when the dream ended.

"All war is deception." - Sun Tzu


wigsf said...

You get to ravish any elvish chicks why you're there?

Miss Ash said...

No more beer for you .... yeah right!

Kelli said...

Wow. I think you watch too much t.v.

elizab said...