Mar 15, 2010

True grit

While I'm not one to promote violence I do love stories of would be robbers getting their ass handed to them by the elderly. I grin from ear to ear when I read about some old person beating some thug who attempted to take someone's belongings or commit some random act of jack assery.

Everyone has seen the infamous video where some nutty old man on a bus took issue to being punched by some guy over an argument that I've yet to understand. It was entertaining for sure, but kind of sad that those two lads couldn't just act like adults and walk away before things got bloody.

The other day I watched another video where an older man was losing money to scratch tickets in a convenience store when some horses ass decided it would be a great idea to hold the place up while wielding a pistol. The nutty old man took a break from his lotto and pulled a knife, stabbed the robber, and chased him out the door.

Yes he brought a knife to a gun fight...and won.

Amazingly enough the perpetrator didn't shoot anybody and had a look on his face of 'sweet mother of god this is really happening' as he bolted out of there. The crazy fat man got himself a good dose of post fight adrenaline and scared the living hell out of everyone in the place. He finally got a good breath in and went into a rage induced speech which included "I'm a retired fireman and an ex-Marine sergeant. I like to fight....I like to fuck....and I'll kill some son of a bitch who tries to rob me."

I'm putting that line on my Christmas cards this year.

Godspeed you crazy old bastard. Godspeed.

Thank god no one else got hurt.

"If I have any appeal at all, it's to the fellow who takes out the garbage." - Lee Marvin


wigsf said...

Why wait for Christmas, get that tattooed across your back. That's what I'm doing.

wigsf said...

And Lee Marvin is the man.

Miss Ash said...

Ummmm .... I don't even know what to say LOL!