Mar 13, 2010

Wiwille has another fifteen minutes of fame

A friend of mine was searching for my blog and came across a news article in The Guardian, the U.K.'s famous news source. The story was concerning the International Day of Peace. Designed by a filmmaker to get the world community to have a one day cease fire the day is largely ignored as you might expect. Still it's a nice little dream.

The Guardian decided to quote bloggers regarding their thoughts on this day and they included your author amazingly enough. I'm not sure why as the post was largely tongue in cheek, but it may have been to offset the more serious quotes they pulled from the blogsphere.

First Time, now The Guardian, tomorrow....News of the Weird?

"Wiwillie has more personal qualms with it being the International Day of Peace today of all days: This really spoiled my plans to knock out the jackass at the gym who keeps singing Coldplay loudly, but alas I must do unto others today." - The Guardian


Anonymous said...

When I clicked the link to "The Guardian" the ad at the top of the site was Crest Toothpaste. I laughed to myself because this site ended up being British..
get the joke.. maybe I'm seeing too much into this?!? lol

But YAY Wiwille, your famous all the way across the Atlantic, atta boy! :)
Your bad friend - SW

wigsf said...

You know the Guardian is a rag, right?

Anyway, still pretty cool.

Miss Ash said...

Well la di da, lol good job!