Mar 22, 2010

Wiwille has been tagged.

I've been tagged by two lovelies Miss Ash and Jlee. My assignment is to list five likes and dislikes which is no small task. There are so many traveling through my brain it's hard to narrow it down to such a small list, but I'll try anyways.

First with the dislikes:

1. Seattle drivers. - I know I complain about them a lot, but seriously the stupidity on the road in this great city is mesmerizing. Recently there has been a lot of round abouts installed in many intersections, which I would normally declare to be a good thing; however people around here are slow to understand exactly how they work. No one uses their turn signal, so you can't tell if they're going to stay on it or veer off. Often times I'm stuck at one waiting for a chance to go, because no one is signaling they're going right.

2. Posting personal drama on Facebook. - I empathize with those who've had rotten luck in the match making department, but I hate logging into Facebook and seeing them talking trash about their exes, especially when I know all parties involved. It's incredibly tacky. This also applies to those who post links to articles about politics that they have little understand of and people who feel an incredible need to start a religious debate on a social networking site.

3. People who yell at service workers for things beyond their control. - Having worked many low paying jobs that required me to give friendly service I was often baffled at how many people would bitch and moan about things that had to have known were beyond mine, or at times anyone in the company's authority. It's especially tiresome when you're standing in line for something and the person in front of you is screaming at some minimum wage jockey about things irrelevant to their line of work.

4. The fact that Jersey Shore is a huge hit. - I hate my generation sometimes.

5. People who think they're smarter than they really are. - Then again it's kind of fun to remind them of how dumb they look when you point out that their only source of topical information comes from The Daily Show.

Now for likes.

1. Reeses Pieces - It's food of the gods.

2. Hearing the right song at a cool moment. - I love it when you're out and about and some song comes on that really fits with the moment you're having whether it be alone or with friends.

3. Boobs. - I mean really is there anything better than a nice pair? No there isn't.

4. Guiness. - There are few things I enjoy more than sipping a good pint amongst friends.

5. Driving at speeds unsuitable for God and man. - I do have a lead foot at times.

I won't tag anyone. Do as you will.

"People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them." - Dave Barry


wigsf said...

I will argue your claim that "I mean really is there anything better than a nice pair? No there isn't."

Two low pairs still beats a single high pair in poker. I will take a pair of 2s and a pair of 4s over a pair of Queens anyday. But that's just me.

Miss Ash said...

I totally agree with the people airing their dirty laundry on facebook.....nooone cares folks....noone cares......

Claire said...

I pretty much agree with all of these!


JLee said...

Great list! I'm giggling at "boobs" though. I asked my husband last night "what's the big deal?..they're just lumps" haha
I'm with Miss Ash on the FB thing. I think people forget how many can see their musings ;)