Mar 18, 2010

Thursday Music

My parents finally joined the internet community for the first time recently. Yes they've decided to have high speed access installed in their home much to my horror. These are people who call me for assistance in finding their 'My Pictures' folder on their operating system.

Yes they call for anything tech related hoping I can wave a magic wand and suddenly all electronic devices in their home will be operable and have easy to follow input devices. This is a typical conversation I have with my folks when they call:

Me - "Okay, can you click your start menu?"
Parents - "Right or left click?"
Me - "Left."
Parents - "Once or twice?"
Me - "Just once."
Parents - "Okay I have on the screen...(they'll list everything they see)."
Me - "Okay. Click the Control Panel icon."
Parents - "I don't see that."
Me - "You just named it in the list of everything you see."
Parents - "Oh yeah. Let me put on my glasses again."
Me - "I'll wait."
Parents - "Oh wait. The screen disappeared."
Me - "The screen disappeared? Is the monitor blank?"
Parents - "No. The screen just went away."
Me - "....wait. Do you mean the start menu is no longer there?"
Parents - "I think so. I now see...(they list all the icons on the desktop)...."
Me - "....wait....wait stop. It's okay. Just click the start button again."
Parents - "Right or left click?"
Me - (Slams another beer) "Left click."
Parents - "Once or twice?"
Me - (Cocks pistol and holds to head.)

So in honor of the elderly trying to work devices that are completely foreign to them I bring you this butt rock tune about mothers and Facebook:

"Sandra wishes all the boys would learn manners from Edward. --- Justin wishes you would learn portion control from Bella."
- My favorite Facebook status update and comment yet.


wigsf said...

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those moments. I had to walk my father through watching a DVD on a Playstation 3.

Anonymous said...

I had to help my mother set up a facebook account over the phone, by the end of it I just drove over and did it. Now when she trys to write something on my wall or comment on a status of mine, she ends up changing her own status, then usually signs every post with "Love Mom" like it's a written letter. I should just blocking her! lol

bad friend - SW

JLee said...

"cocks pistol and holds to head" lol

That sounds like my dad. I have to show him how to use his phone and I had never seen one before.

Miss Ash said...

Oh jeez, mine are exactly the same.....I'm glad I grew up in a technological era. Does that sentence even make any know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

SO there!! My mom calls me for everything she needs and is so impatient that she interrupts my instructions, clicks on what she thinks looks right, and screws up her computer. I have to go over and fix it all the time. The icing on the cake is that my lovely sister set her up with a facebook account so I have no safe space away from her anymore! That's where I used to be able to vent when she made me want to put the gun to my head!!