Jul 13, 2010

As big as...

I was visiting an old friend from the Northwest this weekend. All through the chatting we talked about the differences between Texas and our home state. One thing he noticed on the college campus he attends is a bunch of tattoos with the state's likeness.

Yes Texas has a big ego. I've never seen someone with a tattoo of our first President on their shoulder, nor a tramp stamp with the seal of Oregon.

Another example is home decor. Kelly's brother has the Lone Star on his door while his neighbor proudly displays the Texas state flag on his fence. This is very common actually. Nowhere in the Northwest do you see that in a residence.

I guess there's nothing wrong with taking pride in where you're from, but Texas has a bit of stateism, if that's even a word. The natives like to wear the fact that they're from here like a badge. This is a place made by Jesus and atheists, hippies, and people who listen to REM are not welcome. You are constantly reminded that you're in the state of Pecos Bill, bad television dramas, football, Cheaters, and the subject of many country songs, whether you like it or not.

Texas pride; live it, feel it, know it.

"All new states are invested, more or less, by a class of noisy, second-rate men who are always in favor of rash and extreme measures, but Texas was absolutely overrun by such men." - Sam Houston

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wigsf said...

Texas, just like any other place in the world, love it or leave it.