Jul 23, 2010

The force will be strong with this one.

"Are you bored," she asked while we were browsing through Babies R Us.

"No," I replied. "Just thinking."

She didn't believe me, which I guess makes sense. We were walking through the Wal-Mart of baby stores looking for items for our yet to be conceived child. Yes child fever has hit and it's a sure bet that we'll be trying for one shortly after our nuptials.

As Kelly looked at the items she was busy wondering what would match for either sex as I kept thinking how cool a lot of this stuff is. My folks didn't have motorized rockers, car seats that strap to a stroller, or car seats at all for that matter. Yes the baby industry is huge with products that protect and spoil our precious little snowflakes. I saw all sorts of stuff that advertise how your infant will face certain doom if they don't drink from certain bottles and the like. I even saw homeopathic remedies, which I find personally disgusting.

"Honey," I said. "I want a hovercraft stroller."

"Sure," she replied. "You go right ahead." Every man who's ever been in a relationship knows exactly what girls mean when they say that.

What I held back is the fact that I want a water gun strapped to it as well and surround sound stereo that'll play 'The Imperial March' whenever the little tyke desires. And yes I want a crib designed as the Death Star complete with light up laser cannons.

Soon I'll have a garage with adequate space for constructing such devices....hmm...

"I wish everyone was a sci-fi geek because then there would be no violence in the world. There'd be no wars. There'd only be people e-mailing each other." - Claudia Christian


wigsf said...

Yeah, your parents didn't have any of this wacky stuff that parents today purchase for their babies, and you turned out alright.
Just get baby Wiwille a Star Wars mobile and you'll be just fine.

mungsprout said...

Erik I cannot tell you enough how much I look forward to your fantastic blogging about trying for and having a baby. You have such a way with words and you seem to have the best luck for attracting the craziest situations ;)

Claire said...

Babies! yay!