Jul 29, 2010

Build it.

Recently in Arlington Texas vandals defaced a mosque with graffiti demeaning those who believe in Islam. A large church is holding a book burning where followers will throw copies of the Koran in the fire. It's a sad fact that those folk who follow the prophet have to live in a country known for it's freedom to practice whatever religion you choose encounter such bigotry.

But this is an extreme example of simple minded folk who will point blame at 9/11, their fallen brethren in the war on terror, and various other violent acts on whatever seems reasonable to them. They can't punch a member of Al-Queda personally, so they'll cowardly spray paint buildings of those who may share similar faiths.

Recently there has been a proposed Islamic center that will be built near ground zero. The recreational facility for Muslims has sparked all kinds of protests from those who feel it's insensitive to those who died in the World Trade Center. Instead of blaming extremism, the politics of having a U.S. base on 'Holy Land', or our policy with Israel they feel the heart of the matter rests in the Koran. What these people fail to forget is that the majority of suicide bombings are the result of socialist revolutionaries, but they happen in parts of the world we don't care about. But I digress...

I hear many on the right claim that we're a nation founded on Christian principles, but I seriously think they need to actually read a history book and the Bible. No where in the Testaments new and old does it give a foundation for a Constitutional Republic. I've never seen words written in red where Christ talks about the importance of the filibuster or Paul writing to the Corinthians concerning deficit spending. Perhaps I wasn't reading close enough.

And yes, even Sarah Palin regards the community center as an affront to the memories of those poor people who lost their lives on that tragic day. What they all fail to realize is that not all of them were WASPs who raised bald eagles. A lot of them, wait for it, were Muslim. Yes many of that faith died in the Twin Towers. If the Al-Queda attack was solely about religion you would think they'd choose another target, say the Vatican?

It's unfair and wrong to accuse people who simply want to follow their holy book, regardless of how ridiculous the text may be, of being associated with those who walk the fringe. I won't stand in front of the LDS temple in Salt Lake City accusing the men of marrying multiple 14 year old girls, nor is it right to assume all priests want some man-boy loving.

Besides there's a mosque less than a couple blocks from ground zero.

I can understand one's frustration regarding terrorism as it's a difficult concept for us to grasp. Most of us are unsure why people are so hell bent on destroying us and our way of life and even when the reasons come to light they still seem ludicrous to most. Yet to protest a recreation center in this manner is low.

If you want to honor the fallen protest the fact that the World Trade Center has yet to be built up again, after ten friggin years. I can't think of a better way to give the middle finger to those who would destroy us. Let them know that we won't let ourselves be victims. We will be vigilant in remaining the proud Americans we are. The fact that little has been done to construct a new center on ground zero is the real slap in the face to the innocents who perished there. I find it disgusting.

"Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is unnecessary provocation; it stabs hearts," - Sarah Palin


Kyle said...

My understanding is that the property that the mosque is being built on is private, so I'm of the belief that nothing legally can or should be done to stop it, and I'm opposed to any vandalism.

I don't think people should oppose this because it is Islam, and anyone who does is ignorant of the issue. Opposing another mosque is silly and insulting to the average Muslim.

The organization behind this mosque is deserving of some scorn, though. The Cordoba Initiative is a political organization that has frequently blamed the west for terrorist violence, while hiding under the guise of the promotion of peace. They also support the non-voluntary imposition of Sharia law on American Muslims, which I think most Americans would find appalling.

If this group intends to use this location to further their political agenda, then they should be attacked. But only through words.

wigsf said...

The attacks of 9/11 weren't religious attacks, they were political attacks. The World Trade Center was a financial, judicial and political center, not a church. And let's not forget the Pentagon was attacked simultaneously. Last time I checked, the Pentagon was a military installation. Again, not a church.

Miss Ash said...

And this is why I hate people......they disgust me......

Claire said...

Amen, my friend. I'm a Christian, but what some of my brethren in Christ (for lack of a better descriptor) do (allegedly) in the name of the Lord makes me despair. Extremism is evident in every religion, that I have encounter thus far. Only small handfuls within those religions, but enough to do a great disservice to the peaceful majority.