Jul 21, 2010

Reach out and touch someone.

A couple of months ago Kelly and I decided to get a family plan for our cell phone service. As we were being helped by a salesman, who had an uncanny resemblance to a Sumo wrestler, advised us that if we were going to share coverage that one of us would need to change our phone numbers, because they have to be in the same market according to their corporate standards.

Odd, but I decided to get rid of the number I've had for a number of years and got something local to the Dallas area. The salesman looked at Kelly and told her that was the definition of commitment.

It wasn't hard to update my friends and family about the change, but I've received a number of calls from random folk apologizing for getting the wrong number. It doesn't happen often and always the callers are polite.

Recently though I've got some rather strange calls. About a week ago someone rang my cell and asked if I sniffed gopher farts.

"Not today," was my reply. They laughed and hung up. For a while I seemed to stop receiving unknown calls, until today. A person whose voice in no way resembled the first weird caller announced that his bladder infection was part of a Zionist plot and disconnected.

This makes me wonder about the nature of the person who had my number previously. Were they a victim of a lot of pranks? Are they a conspiracy nut, such as a Truther or Birther? Do they associate with like minded crazies? Were they recently arrested for storming into the Texas State Capitol building wearing nothing but a diaper on their head claiming they were responsible for the career of Shia LeBeouf?

Now one would normally advise me to stop answering calls from unrecognized number, but I won't do that. It's too entertaining.

"Frank Rizzo, that character is modeled on my dad." - Johnny Brennan


wigsf said...

Oh sorry dude. That's your number now. Okay, I'll stop it. If I had known that was you I never would called.

FYI, the number is written on the ladies room wall in a rest stop on the 30 going to Arlington.

Miss Ash said...

I love it! You could have soooooo much fun with these weirdos!!

Claire said...

Hee. Extra entertainment - I love it!