Jul 6, 2010


People are still asking me what it's like to live in Texas as opposed to Washington. Most of my hometown friends have never been to the Lone Star state, so I can understand the curiosity. I give them answers most would expect, such as the heat and the churches on every block, but I've come across one major contrast between here and the Northwest.

I worked out this morning. Now that is not interesting in and of itself, going to the gym here is far different than Seattle. I was on the elliptical trainer watching Morning Joe when the weather man came on and announced that the South and East Coast were experiencing a severe heat wave. The humidity raged and my body noticed the difference as I sweated out 10 lbs of body weight. After four miles of moving my legs and arms I noticed the machine was drenched with my fluids. I wiped down the contraption and shook my head.

I know it's probably good for me, but I've never consumed so much water in an a half hour time period in my life.

"A Chicago alderman once confessed he needed physical exercise but didn't like jogging, because in that sport you couldn't hit anyone." - Andrew H. Malcolm


wigsf said...

If it wasn't for cold beer and ice cream (the dreaded beer float) summer would be the easiest way to lose way. Just be and the weight will sweat itself off.

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining about this heat wave on the East coast. :) it's delish