Jul 28, 2010

What I hate about you.

Facebook. We all use it, sometimes against our better judgement. While it has many benefits such as the ability to keep in touch with those you might not otherwise, easily sharing photos with friends and family, and/or stalking that person that dumped you hoping they got fat and grew moles on their eyelids, it does have its downfalls.

Many people complain about the social networking site, its perceived confusing privacy settings, and the amount of information about their friends and loved ones they didn't want to know. Here are but a few things I find annoying about Facebook:

1. Those stupid chain status updates - You know what I'm talking about. Those people who feel it necessary to tell their FB friends to repost something like "If you love your family member, hate cancer, support the military, worship the baby Jesus post this in your status update." I'm not sure what they're attempting to accomplish by this.

2. News - I like news. I listen to NPR on my commute to try and keep up with the day's events. I find it odd though when I log in to my news feed that many feel it necessary to post an article with a sound byte that may or may not be clever even though it's intended to be. Do they think they're doing a public service by announcing to everyone about such an item? Sometimes the news event can be described as interesting or even entertaining, but more often than not it's some bullshit about local crime and whatnot.

3. Political status updates - I'm not against voicing an opinion on the current state of nation, but when one does it on Facebook it seems pretentious. Sure I do enough opining on this blog, but people choose to see it when they come to this site. When one logs into Facebook they're kind of held hostage to view a person's two bits when they scroll through the news feed. I will admit seeing some of the posts from my friends who have views that seem outside of the mainstream can be entertaining. There are those that I'm sure wake up on a daily basis and feel compelled to teach us how some conservative talking head is full of crap, as if we didn't already know that. To be expected there are those on the right that would like to regularly remind us of how Obama is a socialist Kenyan Muslim who bathes in the blood of aborted fetuses.

4. Farmville and the like - I don't mind seeing an update regarding how someone plays a game. I simply click 'Hide' and choose the application I no longer wish to view. It's that simple. Still I'm reminded on a frequent basis how much someone loathes those games they don't play. We don't care. I tried Farmtown for a while, but it got boring quick. Still I have no hate for others that do play those games. They're no more stupid than the ones I waste time with on my Xbox.

5. Personal drama - Again I've posted my own dating highs and lows on this blog, but I reasonably attempt to keep the people involved anonymous. People who come to this blog choose to of their own free will, but Facebook is another beast all together. Posting about your ex, and all their faults, is just tacky, especially due to the fact it's broadcast to a lot of people they know.

So in conclusion Facebook can be a lot of fun. Clever status updates, seeing your friends be happy with the lives and family they have chosen, and catching up with those you haven't seen in a long time can be a pleasant experience. Let's try and keep it that way.

Wow I just galloped on my high horse there.

"Facebook quote - When someone says something foolish, stupid, or of very little value you put them on blast by adding it as a 'facebook book quote' on facebook so the whole world can admire their stupidity." - Urban Dictionary

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Anonymous said...

I read something about "No man, should have Facebook"
I'm glad mine doesn't it starts fights! ahaha!