Jul 12, 2010

Monday Music

I haven't posted about music in a long while, but I figured today may be appropriate. This weekend was my father's birthday, the first I've missed in many years, if ever. It was hard being halfway across the country, unable to appear at my folk's doorstep with a present, and taking them to dinner while watching him eat things he shouldn't. Usually him and I would later sit and watch UFC DVDs while my mom would comment how we are stupid men (her words) for watching such barbarity.

Still it was his day to do what he enjoyed and my mother and I made sure it was a happy one. The best I could do this year was ship a gift and make a phone call. Saddened by this I listened to some of his favorite songs as I drove to visit a friend. 'El Paso' by Marty Robbins came on and I thought it was fitting considering the state I chose to live in. I grew up listening to is, but I was too young to realize how dark it was. I'm kind of surprised they allowed me to be exposed to a song this morbid, but it is a pleasant melody even if it is about love and death.

So today dear readers I bring you one of my Dad's favorites:

"I'm in this business because I despise honest labor." - Marty Robbins


Miss Ash said...

Aww that's kinda sad :(

Minerva said...

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