Dec 30, 2010

Thursday Music

What may or may not surprise you is that I listen to NPR regularly. National Public Radio, or as some fellow Texans like to call it; Commie News, has some of the best news in radio or any medium. Plus the shows are entertaining, but one feature they have which I love is their song of the day.

Of course they feature an up and coming artist who they feel you should be listening to. Some of the songs they feature are, well all of them are forgettable. Seriously they infuse some of the worst new songs featuring the most unoriginal and uninspired musicians outside of country and top 40 in the name of being edgy.

What's so entertaining about it is reading their synopsis of the songs. Music journalism is always good for a laugh as you can tell the writer is scrambling for the perfect adjective to somehow differentiate a song from others that sound largely the same. Try reading this sentence aloud without laughing:

Carried primarily by the drums, it stomps and rolls with glammy antagonism, and Tunstall gnashes through it with a candy-coated sneer.

I admire their wordmanship though for they do the seemingly impossible. To try and make modern music seem anything other than over produced, auto-tuned, insipid sounds to appeal to the masses is truly a feat. I wish I had that talent.

So today I bring you an example of what NPR feels you need to listen to. I actually kind of like it:

"As a result, the song ignites at unexpected moments like Pop Rocks dropped in cola." - Marc Hirsh


Claire said...

I like KT - she's an original.


Miss Ash said...

I have this thing about talk radio....unless it's a funny morning show I probably won't listen to it. Take the CBC for instance, I would most likely fall asleep....