May 23, 2006

MySpace vs Blogger users.

I've been browsing users of MySpace and Blogger lately and came to see some interesting differences between the two. Listed below are the observations I made. Oh and you MySpace users, please don't take offense. I have an under used MySpace account as well. These are just generalizations and doesn't mean you're less of a person for using the Rupert Murdoch owned online meat market.

Blogger user: You find that accessible easy to read format makes for a better viewing atmosphere.
MySpace user: You believe that using annoying backgrounds and illegible fonts somehow makes you cool.

Blogger user: You find that using the the simplest of layouts a reader can easily access your page.
MySpace user: You are under the impression that filling your page with useless content, bad music, and horrifying layouts makes your site come up so damn slow that the reader is really excited to wait so long to see it.

Blogger user: You often times post information about yourself such as your likes, dislikes, politics, etc, but you won't give way too much personal information. You feel in doing so gives your readers a better sense of where the author is coming from.
MySpace user: You believe that posting numerous fluff surveys is important as everyone is highly interested about the last time someone tried to stick his penis in your ear.

Blogger user: You keep your posts generally related to a theme, except for the dumbass blog Erik's Ramblings which is so damn random the author should seek therapy.
MySpace user: You like to post about things often related to how sexy you think you are or to give a "shout out" to your friends for some apparent reason.

Blogger user: You use pictures in your blog to emphasize the theme of the current post.
MySpace user: You have numerous pics of you and your friends getting drunk, webcam pics where you turn your head and give a cute smile, or one of you flipping off the camera.

Blogger user: You sometimes use quotes lifted from various literary sources, celebrities, and/or politicians to entertain the reader at the end of the post. You also use it to strengthen the topic which hopefully makes the reader think.
MySpace user: You still haven't learned that "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" was old in 1994 and it wasn't funny then.

Blogger user: When a stranger posts a comment on your blog you're happy to learn that someone is actually interested in your thoughts.
MySpace user: You assume any stranger who contacts you wants to see you naked and you're probably right.

Blogger user: You enjoy using a product that's easy to use and owned by a company that's reputable.
MySpace user: You have no idea that MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch, nor do you care. Sadly you may not know who that is.

Blogger user: When you post a comment on someone's post you try to keep it pithy and on topic.
MySpace user: It's almost an addiction as to how much you type "Whasssup sexy" on your friends' sites.

Blogger user: You sometimes post about your dreams for a better future, or even a cynical look at the absurdities of life.
MySpace user: You feel the best method of committing a crime is posting all the details about your plans and feeling surprised when the cops come to your door.

Blogger user: You've never asked a fellow user to send you naked pictures, although you may have thought about it.
MySpace user: Your pics folder contains numerous shots of people who are more than willing to strip for you. You never ask their age.

Blogger user: You admire the more successful blogs that are well written.
MySpace user: You think Tila Tequila is an American hero.

"I don't want to say it's overwhelming, ... but I see these numbers coming out, I keep thinking, it must be a mistake. How can we pass Google? I mean, my mom knows Google, but she doesn't know MySpace." - Tom Anderson.


Scott said...

Great post. I have yet to get into that trap of the Myspace, thanks to thepost I think I will be staying away.



Mattbear said...

Ah, so many flavors of "blogs", so little time to ridicule them. This is funny stuff man.

jinsane said...

What a great post! AND SO TRUE!!!

Wiwille said...

Scott - Stay true to yourself MySpace rebel.

Mattbear, Jinsane - Glad you got a kick out of this.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA I admit I am guilty of many of the things listed above. Very few are privileged enough to read anything heartfelt I have written. None of my “virtual” friends would really give a shit about anything profound that I have to say. SO I give my public what they want, cleavage shots. I am an attention whore and I will admit it openly and without shame.  shameless plug

And yes, not only do I assume that strangers want to see me naked, they flat out tell me.

Love and Kisses,