Oct 18, 2005

Crushes that never die.

I had many a childhood crush. Mostly they were celebrities sprinkled with the occasional school mate. The first one I remember was Linda Carter and then of course Catherine Bach of Daisy Duke fame. I could list all of them, but that would take way too much time and be pretty dull.

Most of those celebrity crushes wavered throughout the years, mostly because the women got older and lost their looks; however one still sits with me to this day.

Alyssa Milano. When I admit this crush most people give me a strange look or a disapproving glare. I'm not sure exactly why. One friend told me she heard she's a whore. How she knows about the sex habits of the Charmed actress escapes me, but she truly believes Ms. Milano is a dirty tramp. Damn tabloids.

I was eight years old when Who's the Boss premiered. I remember seeing it for the first time. I almost changed the channel until Alyssa showed up. I think she was 10 then. I was a young lad who was smitten. I watched that miserable show every Tuesday at 8p just for a glance of her. I recall being pissed off if she didn't appear on that particular episode. At least I got to see her in the credits. Having an episode that revolved around her character was like Christmas.

Being the silly romantic I was back then I even wrote to her. I remember the excitement I felt every time the mail came only to be another let down that my queen never wrote back. I ended up getting a "thank you for your letter" form and an invitation to join her fan club for 10 dollars.

I was waiting for her to turn not cute like many childhood actresses. In true Natalie Wood tradition though, she turned out really hot. My parents never understood that crush, but they did buy me a Alyssa Milano poster when I was 15. I ended up with three of them altogether. Yes that's how deep into her I was. A girlfriend in high school asked me to take the posters down cause it made her jealous. She threw a fit when I refused. We didn't date that long.

Strange as it may seem I was the only one amongst my friends who had this crush. Sure we all agreed on Heather Locklear and the hot girl from "Charles in Charge", but none really had an eye on Alyssa other then myself.

A few years back I rented Poison Ivy part 2 upon hearing Alyssa got topless in the film. CS and I sat down and watched it and good god it was terrible. Sure she got all sorts of naked many times, but the movie was laughably bad. CS and I made names for some of the characters, such as Wang Fu for the mute performance artist. I think he had one line in the whole movie and then he got thrown down a staircase. We were hoping he would get all Jackie Chan on the bad guy, but alas.

I sat down and watched the show 'Charmed' the other day. Again a really bad show, but the girl is still hot. I went to her website and found out she's a photographer, and not a bad one at that. I don't think this common interest will get her to marry me, but a man's gotta have dreams.

"I feel a lot healthier when I'm having sex." - Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano


CitySoul said...

I used to watch her in "whos the boss also." But as a young girl I thought she was so beautiful I wanted to look like her. My crush was kirk cameron from "growing pains." I wrote to him...m.f. never wrote me back either. My parents bought me a poster of him also. Funny.

Chitney said...

LOL!! Looks like you loved off the female stars of some of the same shows that starred my male crushes. And Natalie Wood was Robert Wagner's daughter, so there's another connection. Ah, we of good taste! ;)

Melissa said...

I give a disapproving stare because she's unsexy with boring features and because i believe she was in a vampire porn

Wiwille said...

Jugdish - Oh..uhh..you dare critique the queen that is Alysaa. Them's fightin words young lady.

"because i believe she was in a vampire porn" - Err that's a bad thing?