May 17, 2007

Fred Thompson rocks!

I don't know much about presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, but I know he's ballsy as hell. In a recent war of words with Michael Moore over the film maker's recent trip to Cuba, Fred expressed disdain with Moore's fascination with all things Castro. Not one to duck from controversy the Fahrenheit 9/11 director challenged the Senator to a debate. Thompson's response is in the video below.

Now I like Michael's films. Roger and Me is one of the best documentaries ever. That being said some of the techniques he uses in his films can be disingenuous or hurtful at best. Disagree? Look at how he portrays the soldiers in Fahrenheit 9/11 and tell me that he really respects our fighting forces.

Still his films are entertaining and ultimately he's a filmmaker before a political know it all. Regardless for a Senator and possible Presidential candidate to openly mock not only Moore, but himself is pretty damn funny no matter what side of the aisle you comfortably ally yourself with.

"Every foreign policy of every major nation involves reason, common sense, carrots and sticks. You can't have all carrots and no sticks." - Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson, Michael Moore Go Head to Head, Sort of


whatigotsofar said...

I will never get passed the corny southern lines he spouts on L&O.
But then again, that got Bubba elected, twice.

Claire said...

First I've heard of him, but I like his moxie!


rawbean said...

I agree with whatigotsofar, can't get past the accent!

Mattbear said...

Thompson's a good actor, but let's see...has the U.S. previously elected an actor as President? Hmmmm.

While I like Moore's films, his personal politics and some of his tactics do leave a bit to be desired, and I don't think anyone should be taking their political queues from him without tempering them with something more rational. (I hope that makes sense)

Basically, I like Thompson's response, and I like seeing Moore get a little comeuppance, but I sure as hell hope Thompson doesn't get elected.