May 10, 2007

Mickey hates Jews.

Most kids of my generation grew up with the likes of Sesame Street, Mr Rodgers, and various other children's programming designed to educate kids on elementary skills such as ABCs and counting numbers. Often times the shows got preachy telling youths how to be good people, but for the most part it was done in an appropriate manner.

Many other cultures outside the west use similar television shows to reach to kids. Not to be out done Hamas has created it's own show with a Mickey Mouse clone. The rodent and a little girl preach to the children about a world dominated by Islam. Kids also call into the show and sing songs about how they'll never surrender to the enemy (Israel) and how death awaits the Zionist occupiers.

We here in the US go up and arms over Don Imus, whose target audience are residents of nursing homes, and ignore the hatred being indoctrinated into the children of the world. We shake our heads at shows such as the ones produced by Hamas and blame ourselves for their radical actions. Yes our country has never done right by the middle east, but no one can offer an alternative policy that is reasonable nor sane. This is an example of why I believe the Palestinian leadership is not interested in peace. Genocide seems to be the only logical conclusion for them.

"Days will prove that the assassination policy will not finish the Hamas. Hamas leaders wish to be martyrs and are not scared of death. Jihad will continue and the resistance will continue until we have victory, or we will be martyrs." - Sheikh A. Yassin

Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' wants Islam takeover


Claire said...

Genuinely terrifying.


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Erik, I'm shocked that you're not blogging about the Oral Sex study that is in the news today. Isn't that more relevant to your readers?

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Wow... that's pretty much all I have to say.