May 28, 2007

Give thanks this day.

Thanksgiving is one of those days set aside to feel grateful for the many blessing in your life and Memorial Day should be no different. The former we usually thank our God or family, but on the latter date we have others to thank and most of them are strangers. While most of us spent today drinking way too much or doing activities that are in no way related to giving praise to our fallen soldiers there were a few that took time out of their barbeques and ball games to visit their local memorial or give to a Veteran's cause.

I spent most of the day with the Pretty Girl, but on my way home I decided to take a detour to a cemetery in Renton and visit the veterans wall. I bought a rose from a lady and laid one with the many others surrounding the site. I thought of my friends Nic and Quoc, who thankfully are still with us, and how their service may have made my life a little better.

Many young men and women have given their lives so I may have the opportunity to live a comfortable one. I sit here with my high speed internet watching my beer gut get bigger and complain about housing costs while soldiers in the field are fighting and dying for our country. Their service deserves our thanks not for one day, but for the entire year.

Regardless of your personal politics, please be grateful for the men and women who served our nation and paid the ultimate price so you could live in freedom.

"In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons." - Herodotus


Scott said...

Good on you for paying tribute. I agree that no matter what your politics are we have to honour those that have given everything.

Miss Ash said...

I agree with Scott.

I've never been to the cemetary on Remembrance Day...shame on me!