May 8, 2007

IKEA furniture sucks.

People who know me personally understand that I'm not a fashion conscious guy. I'm more prone to purchase stuff that's practical rather than something that simply looks good. If the item does have purpose as well as being pleasing to the eye then great.

Since I'm moving to Seattle proper I decided I need new furniture for my closet sized bedroom. IKEA seemed to be the logical choice. The European furniture maker has made an empire selling tasty meatballs and practical furniture that conserve space while looking decent. Well the latter is no longer true.

The Pretty Girl and I walked into the superstore and I found the most gawdy colored couches and chairs. The 70s are back at IKEA and they feel that's a good thing. All of the hues on most of the items looks like they leapt straight out of an episode of 'All in the Family'. At first I wasn't annoyed by this considering my first item of purchase was a bookshelf, one I found fairly easily, but when it came to towels and shower curtains it became a different story.

I couldn't find a towel nor curtain that looked relatively decent. It was all so hideous I decided against purchasing any of it. This is coming from someone who could care less if a person's wearing jean shorts. Throughout the big box store there were signs of smiling IKEA furniture designers. Smile now folks, for a special place in hell awaits those who try and bring back last century's ugliest decade.

"Our idea is to serve everybody, including people with little money." - Ingvar Kamprad

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Miss Ash said...

You know what, I dig their Poang chairs as they are rather comfy but the couches seem really cheaply made to me. I don't know what it is about them but they suck. Boo to the 70's colours, I dig black and red :)