May 30, 2007

Wiwille's favorite show is better than yours.

When I work out at the gym I usually watch the news. If I get bored with hearing Lou Dobbs rant about illegal aliens I sometimes flip the channels to find something a little more interesting than border politics. The screen is attached to the elliptical trainer so I can watch whatever I want without anyone yelling "switch it to Dr Phil."

I came across a show called 'Cash Cab', which friggin rules. I love trivia shows and since 'Win Ben Stein's Money' went off the air I haven't found anything I really liked. Jeff Foxworthy's new show doesn't do it for me, although the concept is kinda cool. I'm not interested in seeing people pick random suitcases while the audience celebrates greed; however they do have hot women on that 'Deal or No Deal' crap.

'Cash Cab' picks up "random" taxi fares and takes them for a ride in Manhattan. The object is for the passengers to answer a series of questions and collect enough money as possible before the end of the trek. If they get three wrong they lose all the money. Contestants also have what the show calls a 'shout out' where they can call someone for help or pull over and ask a random person for assistance with a question.

So I'm watching this at the gym yesterday and I caught myself almost saying the answers out loud. Laugh if you will, but you probably yelled at the television screaming "big money no whammies...stop..." at some point in your life.

'Cash Cab' is a smart show and hopefully it will be with us for a while, but since you'd rather watch American Idol and other donkey shit reality programs I don't think it'll do that well. Plus it's on the Discovery Channel. I know maybe two people who tune in to that.

"Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it." - Robbie Coltrane


Miss Ash said...

I love shows like that! There was one (of course the name escapes me) but the contestants did not know they were going to win $ by answering questions. Like at a restaurant the waiter would ask them a bunch of random questions. At the end he would explain and hand them money for all the correct answers. They in turn had to find people to ask questions to.

The Technocrat said...

It is a shame that "Cash Cab" is stuck on Discovery Channel because the show is entertaining and that has a lot to do with the host. I'm impressed by his ability to drive and navigate to a specific destination, to read out trivia questions and to listen to the answers to see if they are correct and incorrect so that he can make the appropriate comment. Also, the disco-esque ceiling of the cab/minivan is pretty cool too.

whatigotsofar said...

Never heard of it, but it sounds pretty cool.
And I'll yell at the screen during any good game show. Not just Press Your Luck.

Adrian said...

Sweet, I thought I was the only one who like Cash Cab. I watched Mythbusters last night (probably my favorite show out there right now) and Cash Cab came on afterwards, the wife and I were shouting out answers at the TV.

Anonymous said...

I must be one of those two, I love that channel. I really want some of those lights he has on the headliner of the cab....


Anonymous said...

The lights in the headliner are from a company called Razor lite out of Philly.

Check out the site, they just did some stuff with Funk Master Flex on ESPN or something like that.