May 16, 2007

Obligatory hot women post.

I'm so damn tired. We were short staffed last night so I volunteered to come in and help out. I've been at work since 8p last night and haven't slept since 9p the day before. I just had a couple hour nap and ready to finish my regular schedule so yeah I'm a little beat.

My sleep depraved mind can't operate well enough to come up with anything interesting so today I bring you Maxim's Top 100 Hot List. I guess it's a running theme that when I feel uninspired I write about women who sport glorious breasts. Below is the list with my commentary.

10. Fergie - Okay she's got a hot body. This we know. Her face? Well I'm a fan of the term buttaface, but I think when addressing her it's appropriate.
9. Eva Longoria - Sure she's hot. #9 sexiest woman in the entire world? Overrated.
8. Rihanna - I have no idea who this is.
7. Eva Mendes - Lots of people seem smitten with her and for good reason.
6. Ali Larter - A little high on the list, but still easy on the eyes.
5. Jessica Biel - I'm not up on the whole bandwagon of Biel worship, but I wouldn't turn her down and neither would you.
4. Christina Aguilera - I'm guessing she's done a lot of their covers to be ranked this high.
3. Scarlett Johansson - Why this woman is not number one is criminal. Seriously folks. There is no celebrity hotter. No one. I know it, you know it, the American people know it.
2. Jessica Alba - Everybody loves them some Jessica and I'm no different.
1. Lindsay Lohan - WTF? No. Damn it no. I refuse to accept a men's magazine who ranks a woman, who's trashy-cute at best, higher than Scarlett. I understand these lists are more of a product of PR agents and talent managers rather than the actual magazine editors, but still Maxim has a reputation to consider and this isn't helping. Lindsay is in no way hotter than Aishwarya Rai. I demand an apology from Maxim, who should know better than to try and sell us guys the idea that Lindsay Lohan is the hottest person in the whole wide world. For shame.

Wow that was a winded post about nothing.

"I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." - Scarlett Johansson



PaBLo G said...

"...when I feel uninspired I write about women who sport glorious breasts" Awesome!

Big Ben said...

Those lists are whack. Lindsay was hot in Mean Girls but not 'hottest-in-the-world' hot. Men's magazines are folding like crazy, the faze is over, this lists proves they have lost it.

I cannot forgive Jessica Beil for the movie Summer Catch, the worst movie with Baseball in it of all time. Seventh Heaven wasn't any better (not that I watched it) I caught enough in the three seconds when fliiping channells to figure out it sucked

Miss Ash said...

Bizzare!! I don't understand why Jessica Alba or Scarlett were not in the #1 spot, or why Angelina did not even make the top 10. She's hot. It's all about the big lips.

rawbean said...

Where's the hot guys list, that's what I want to know...where are the hot guys (looks out the window).