May 23, 2007

It's in your hands.

The other day my Fantasy Football League got together to discuss and vote on this year's rules. After policies were agreed upon conversation turned to other sports related topics. John brought up the fiasco that has been Barry Bond's run to break the home run record.

Many seemed upset with the fact that the juice monkey prick will be surpassing their patron saint, a sentiment that seems all across the board with baseball fans. Others in the group cried foul at the corrupt league citing lack of salary caps, the Yankees, steroids, and various other issues.

While I'm not a fan of baseball, cause really it's a pastime more than a sport, what I don't understand is all the people bitching about Major League Baseball will still go and watch the games. I asked John flat out if he's so unhappy then why does he buy season tickets every year. He didn't really have an answer other than he might give up on it. Fans of the sport have the power to hold the commissioner and it's owners accountable if they stop watching it. It's as if they don't get that the bottom line is the most important thing to a company.

While I understand it's hard to give up on entertainment that you so badly want to be good. It took me a couple years to finally give up on the NBA. Still sports fans are strange consumers. Even though they'll admit the product sucks they'll still throw their money at it and support it. Sort of like Star Wars fans.

"There's nothing wrong with me." - Barry Bonds


whatigotsofar said...

You wanna see some crazy sports fans, come to Toronto and meet the Leafsnation. Dumbest people alive.

Miss Ash said...

I second that WIGSF!!