May 3, 2007

In a strange twist

No longer are breast enlargements used exclusively by trophy wives and strippers. It seems to be popular for almost everyone under a C cup to desire large mammaries. Given the price of silicone and saline is so affordable any lower to middle class person can simply apply for a high interest credit card and go under the knife.

Men I know are divided over fake boobies. Some men hate them, others find them necessary, and there are those who are indifferent. I myself am torn. I love a good rack and unless I get my hands on them I can't really tell if they're real or fake. I do believe some women should not be allowed to mess with their already perfect bosom. There should be a court where I would stand as judge and jury. Women would apply for breast enlargement and I would deem them worthy of such an operation or deny them based upon how they currently look. Laugh now, but once I take over the world this will be my first order of business.

A woman in the UK decided it would be a great idea to have a large chest. Her husband thought otherwise. Instead of pleading with her to not try to gain the attention from various males he made the only logical conclusion he could come up with. He kidnapped her from the hospital by knife point before the operation could take place.

Now I'm all for this man sitting in jail for a long time, cause any man who holds a woman at knife point deserves pound-in-the-ass prison, but I'm wondering why exactly he did this. Was he afraid of the costs? Did the woman have nice breasts already and he was afraid the surgery might ruin them? Was his fear really about men gawking at his wife's chest all the time and she might come to the conclusion that she could be sleeping with hotter guys?

I'm guessing the latter is true. Coward. That's what he gets for having a small penis.

"Breast implants gross me out. I don't think they're attractive at all." - Natalie Portman

Boob job thug jailed for kidnap


whatigotsofar said...

I would stand as judge and jury
You just want women to walk upto you, take off their tops, show you their tits and let you hold, poke, grip, squeeze, twist and taste the boobs.

Scott said...

Excellent use of Scarlett.

Big Ben said...

That picture is sooo hot.

I would prefer large natural boobs but I don't discrinate, if you want a huge rack go for it, I'll still squeeze them.

Claire said...

Scarlett is lovely, point taken. I'm not sure where I stand on the whole boob job thing....but I have seen some comedy mishaps. What ever floats your boat, say I!


Miss Ash said...

Mine are real and spectacular :)

Alyssa said...

Remember, you can still have my boobs.

Anonymous said...

I know you love mine both ways so I don't think you are that torn ;)~

I myself LOVE my fake breasts and I would do it over and over again. If someone doesn't like them because they are fake, their loss.