Jul 17, 2009

Moving Mattbear

Yesterday I spent the evening moving the Mattbear clan. Of course it had to be on the hottest day of the year. I was a smelly mess when I finally arrived home.

I help about half a dozen people move a year, but I always learn something on each load of a U-Haul. Below are some things I experienced last night:

- I don't care how much they deny it, Mattbear and his wife feed their dog meth.
- Mattbear's wife could probably bench press me.
- On the first run I was sandwiched in between Mattbear and Launchpad in the cab of the U-Haul. Three heavy sweaty guys in a vehicle is not the most pleasant experience. Ann Hathaway probably could've been straddled on the hood of the truck wearing a Wonder Woman outfit and calling on me to do things to her that are illegal in 11 states and I still would not have been aroused.
- One of Mattbear's friends arrived and has the ability to out speak your average cattle auctioneer. He went into almost creepy detail about how he'd get rid of the body of a girl that he has a disdain for. Disturbing, but in a pinch I'll take his advice.

It's always an adventure with Wiwille's Moving Service.

"Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies." - Unknown


Mattbear said...

We appreciated your help much.

- We don't feed the dog meth, but I think we ought to put him on Ritalin.
- Just one of the many reasons I love her so much.
- Trust me, being the bread in the Mattbear-Erik-Launchpad sandwich was also pretty much the oppposite of "erotic".
- Yes, he's loud and has no edit button in his brain. But he's good guy anyway, really.

wigsf said...

You can't go a month without helping somebody move, can ya?

JLee said...

Did I mention I need help moving? ha
That is a great quote...

JLee said...

By the way, I just saw a new film w/Hathaway called "Passengers" you might enjoy. I don't recall if she's naked in it or not? ha

Claire said...

Moving! Eeeee!

hey, it's almost 2am. That's all I've got.


Miss Ash said...

You're a great friend to help so many move. I've offered my moving services twice and doubt I will do it again.

elizab said...

For a nice change of pace, you're welcome to help me NOT move at pretty much any time, rotfl