Jul 8, 2009


A couple days ago one of modern history's most important men passed on. There was little news about the death of Robert McNamara, Kennedy and Johnson's Secretary of Defense, as news viewers were interested in other dead celebrities. Pop stars, actors, and infomercial stars ruled the front page, but McNamara didn't get much of a mention.

This is of little surprise to anyone as the former World Bank president didn't entertain many. The Vietnam conflict was often referred to as 'McNamara's War' as he was pivotal in increasing troop presence in the region after the French pulled all forces. The treaty obligations regarding the protection of our allie's rubber plantations lead to one of our darkest periods in our nation's history and he was a key player.

Later in life he wrote his memoirs and was the subject of the riveting 'Fog of War' in which he seemed to apologize for the mistakes made in both administrations that he served. Granted many critics saw this as too little too late, but regardless it's an interesting lesson on the arrogance of leadership. While McNamara's morality left a lot to be desired there's no mistaking his intellect was rarely rivaled.

Robert McNamara wrote about the lessons of war and how we as a world must never forget them, although one would argue that we have repeated his mistakes already. Regardless it seems that so many are far more interested in the life and death of someone who starred in The Whiz. This is why I believe mankind will one day destroy itself.

You probably stopped reading a few paragraphs ago didn't you? Oh well. I could type anything right now. Lama tomahawk Clark Gable router paper clip. I was at the gym on the eliptical trainer yesterday in front of the mirror and I saw a glimpse of my moobs bouncing up and down. It was kind of gross. I need to spend more time in the gym.

"Neither conscience nor sanity itself suggests that the United States is, should or could be the global gendarme." - Robert McNamara


Anonymous said...

I've been so sick of hearing about the MJ pedophile and how the driven herd masses got their drawers in a wad because a white woman died.

McNamara shaped the world more than we may EVER know.

Thanks for validating my opinion.

Claire said...

I was all interested, and then you brought the moobs to the table?


JLee said...

We lost a lot of people recently who were eclipsed by Jackson. Sad. It's also too bad about your moobs. lol
Just don't wear a "bro". ;)

Mattbear said...

"Fog of War" is hands-down my favorite documentary. McNamara was frighteningly intelligent, but terribly misguided. I think later in life he regretted a lot of what he did in office.

On another note, perhaps we should form up a Real Life Super Villain group to fight those annoying Real Life Super Hero geeks, and call ourselves:

The Moob Mob!

Miss Ash said...

You kill me...first with the Whiz bit and then with the moobs!! A sad post however I was laughing inappropriately!