Oct 21, 2009


In Great Britain it's Black History Month and like here in the US they celebrate contributions to the art and political world by those with black heritage. While this is not all that interesting as I can't think of a dark skinned member of Parliament off the top of my head, but what is interesting is what great lengths people will try to rewrite the history of the community's leaders.

One writer for The Guardian has taken it upon himself to take issue with the mostly unknown sexuality of a lot of well known black people and how it's being kept under wraps. The article starts off poorly as lists off many famous blacks who happen to be gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual, but then he claims famous diver Greg Louganis as being black (he was actually Samoan/Swedish).

The writer goes on to take the claim that Malcolm X was once into guys and worked in the sex industry in his younger years before his conversion to the Nation of Islam. Citing a biography that's often viewed as the fairest analysis of the activist's life, he believes the interviews in the book are solid evidence of Mr X's bi-sexuality.

Now besides the obvious errors this journalist cites let's get to the real problem, who cares? The author does have a point that citing someone's sexuality when they're a public figure may give much needed courage to the gay community, but is Black History Month the appropriate context for debate on someone's sexuality? Should it matter who they sleep with when celebrating their accomplishments? And if Malcolm X was indeed bi-sexual would it be a good idea to advertise that fact given that he later joined an organization that is known for shunning homosexuality? Wouldn't that make him the Larry Craig of black activists? Am I just blowing this out my ass?

"It is now time for Black History Month to speak the truth. Malcolm X was bisexual. Get over it." - Peter Tatchell

Malcolm X was bisexual. Get over it


wigsf said...

Well, if your were having stuff blown up your ass, that would make you bi-sexual.

Miss Ash said...

This is all just so odd to me...who gives a shit who they fuck behind closed doors? Or in public for that matter....

Pablo G said...

Besides being missinforming, I see it as both homophobic and racist, since it has connotation as if being black and/or gay were bad things.