Oct 7, 2009


The UN has taken a step back from it's finely tuned daily strongly worded letters to countries breaking security council resolutions to an issue that I partake in everyday, free speech. The Obama administration has decided to jump on board with the human rights commission in accepting it's draft regarding expression.

Depending on who you ask this resolution, which was a comprise between Canada and Egypt, is of little consequence other than sending nations a message that their citizens and media outlets should respect race and religion. All countries are asked to have private entities censor themselves when it comes to speech that may stereotype someone based on skin color and ideology. In addition it is expected that they assign what they feel is appropriate checks and balances on news and entertainment that may offend someone.

Again this is fairly harmless as it's the UN and enforcement of their own resolutions is all but nill, but the precedence it sets can be cause for alarm. While I'm all for people using free speech responsibly I'm wary of any kind of enforcement of protecting the sensibilities of the delicate, especially when it comes to religion. While I'm sure a lot of this is due to people who can't live in civilized society and choose to respond violently when their precious God has been mocked, there's still no excusing any idea of censorship. If I want to berate L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, or even the church of the Aryan nation I should and will do so without fear of reprisal.

Yes in a perfect world we should respect religion, but I'll be damned if I give mine if the ideology doesn't earn it. My God, or lack thereof, is fair game. That's the price of free expression and one I'm willing to pay.

My high horse. I ride it.

"The United States is very pleased to present this joint project with Egypt. This initiative is a manifestation of the Obama administration's commitment to multilateral engagement throughout the United Nations and of our genuine desire to seek and build cooperation based upon mutual interest and mutual respect in pursuit of our shared common principles of tolerance and the dignity of all human beings." - Douglas Griffiths

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Miss Ash said...

This is a tough one as you should be able to give an opinon/say what you want without big brother breathing down your neck. At the same time though some people are awfully offensive.....