Oct 4, 2009


The night went on as usual with the four of us drinking, playing Star Wars Monopoly and laughing at ourselves while attempting to answer questions correctly in Trivial Pursuit. As usual the evening wound down and conversation flowed. Laughs were shared as we drank our beers.

A friend, who asks that she doesn't be named on this blog, asked Corey and I what annoys us most about women. Corey shot his hand up and started mimicking a motor mouth.

"Talking," he said. "Girls that won't shut up."

The girls then looked at me and asked what mine was. I paused for a bit unsure of how to word what I was thinking. The list was so long it was hard to come up with just one, but it finally came to me.

"Drama," I proclaimed. "Girls that seem to have an almost instinctive need for drama. I'm talking those who will look for it when it doesn't exist. Maybe it's me and I just bring out the worst in females, but that and women who believe that they deserve everything and nothing will be good enough for them drive me nuts."

Corey then went on about a girl he once dated and how she fit that exact description. I know exactly what he's talking about as I've had a few. The women in the room looked at each other and nodded their heads. What they were thinking is anyone's guess. Perhaps we guys are the batty ones for not accepting our fate and learning to just try and deal. We're guys though. We don't change.

"No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree." - W. C. Fields

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Miss Ash said...

Hey we just have a lot to say, deal with it :)

I got an email about some Star Wars in concert presale and thought of you....I don't get it, does an orchestra just play star wars themed music?