Oct 8, 2009

Thursday Music

As some of you may be aware I'll be traveling overseas to Australia in February. I'm excited to take a couple weeks of vacation down under, but it's got me to thinking about music and how I will relate to the locals.

Years ago I spent about a week and a half in Germany and every time I got the opportunity to talk to an english speaking German I would ask them why David Hasselhoff was so huge in Duetschland. They would claim it's Baywatch, but after further inquiry they would just shake their head and resign the fact that their country men really enjoyed that amount of suckage.

Still I was grateful to hear some response even if it didn't get me any closer to solving the mystery of the Knight Rider star's appeal. I thanked them for KMFDM, but oddly no one knew what I was talking about. Apparently that German band is only big here. Makes sense considering that the record label that brought us the angry Euro-trash industrial band is based in Chicago.

Are Australians similar? Do they latch on to a phenomenon created by a talentless Yank which largely eluded us? I mean Benny Hill was reportedly a flop in Great Britain, which astounds me. Is Carrot Top huge over there? Do they love their local bands like AC/DC or are they more popular off shore?

I know one thing though. I will thank each and every Australian, drunk or no, for the pleasure that has been bestowed upon us with the greatness that is Icehouse's 'Electric Blue'.

"God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia." - Russell Crowe

You're welcome.


wigsf said...

Tips to remember before going to Australia:
- it will be summer there, not winter, so don't bring your sled
- prank phone calls are punished by booting
- one bullfrog will destroy the entire nation, so do NOT bring a bullfrog over with you.
- kangaroo pouch's have more mucus than you'd imagine
- and even bother trying to get a coffee, you'll just get more beer

Miss Ash said...

Oh man that will be one hell of a trip!!!

As for KMFDM...how the hell could noone know who they are??? And why they enjoy the Hoff so much will be a mystery much like the Loch Ness Monster.

JLee said...

I'm excited for you!! Thanks for the song...it's one of those "it's stuck in my head for hours now" kind. ;)