Oct 25, 2009


I took a walk today embracing the new fall colors. Wintessing nature's paintrbrush is one of the greatest pleasures of residing here, one I hope is as invigorating when I'm ready to cash my monthly Social Security check. While sipping my coffee and enjoying my time I couldn't help but think if I'm really appreciating the experince as much as I should.

I truly believe that good cannot exist without evil. Given that I wonder how much I appreciate all that nature has to offer us. Can I truly absorb how beautiful this is? Would it be more magical say if I were an ancient warrior stepping off the field of a terrible battle? Can I know beauty if I've never experience the true horrors this world has to offer?

Philosophers have been in debate about this for centuries, but it's doubtful man can ever percieve other's perceptions in this matter correctly. All one can do is appreciate the little patch of soil they inhabit to the best of their ability.

I wonder how society would function if people stopped being such whiny jackasses and stopped and...eh who am I kidding.

"A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books." - Walt Whitman


wigsf said...

You actually think social security will still be around by the time you're old enough to make use of it?

Miss Ash said...

I think you can still appreciate beauty without having to experience horror.

Kelli said...

If you have never been exposed to ugliness, how could you possibly know what true beauty is? The same goes for peace & love. You wouldn't understand the concepts, if war & hate didn't exist.