Oct 27, 2009


Politics has often brought out the worst in people and R-71 in Washington state has seemed to be an excuse for the truly dumb to wave their idiot flag. For those unfamiliar the referendum that's been presented to the voters will grant domestic partners all rights and responsibilities afforded under the law to married couples. While opposition to this has been expected I never assumed how low campaigners against this would go.

Protect Marriage Washington has been leading the fight against gay marriage in our state. Their group has rallied to defend themselves as what they see as an assault on their values. On their website yesterday they decided to mislead their followers in ways so stupid even Birthers were probably taken aback. They launched a commercial citing some statistics that when 'Scandinavia' legalized homosexual unions in 2004 drug use and crime escalated to incredible levels that very year.

Note they ever cite which country in Scandinavia they are referring to, probably because they think it's its own sovereign nation. I thought Palin was bad for not recognizing Africa as being a continent. Regardless no country in the region legalized gay marriage in 2004 and no sources are cited regarding the use of illegal substances or crime as a whole for that matter in the area. Today they've thankfully took down the information and video from their website, but of course no retraction has been published as of yet. Still the site is littered with crazy ramblings from their rallies and horrid use of grammar.

The rest of the content given on the site is equally painful, but they no longer bother with things called facts. Probably a smart move on their part since it's not their forte. I've made my personal views on gay marriage clear already, so there's no use in retyping it, but seriously I'm asking all people who are on the fence about this to really take a good look at the organizations backing both sides of the debate. See which one you can honestly see yourself attributed to morally and intellectually. I think the choice will be clear where you'll mark the ballot come November.

I don't need my marriage, or lack thereof, protected by the government nor some church acting with overwhelming zealotry. In fact I sometimes wish both parties would stay out of the institution. Still with all that's going on in this state with our budget crisis you'd think we'd be able to pass this effectively and move on to issues that are more pressing, but no some group of jackasses wants you to think of the poor little children that may be affected by gay unions. Sigh.

"Whenever the people are for gay marriage or medical marijuana or assisted suicide, suddenly the "will of the people" goes out the window." - Bill Maher


Mattbear said...

I hope it passes. I'll be voting for it.

I would also like to point out that in a single paragraph you wrote:

"Today they've thankfully took down..."


"Still the site is littered with...horrid use of grammar."

Knock, knock. "Who's there?" Proofreading.

Anonymous said...

I heard a commercial on the radio saying we shouldn't vote yes because people are out of jobs nad are worrying about keeping their homes. Umm...it might cost a little money for paperwork but voting no is not going to solve the economic problem. I was dumbfounded.